Meet Lucas Bourdon—Recreation Supervisor of Oak N Spruce Resort and member of the American Hotel and Lodging Association Apprenticeship.

“Our success depends on team members who are engaged and passionate about our purpose.”
– Tom Nelson, CEO

The Academy of Learning & Development is passionate about “Growing Our People” and creating programs to support our team members’ development. To highlight one of the many ways we grow our people, we’ve created the Leaders on the Rise series. Each month, we’ll highlight team members taking their development by the reigns and pursuing their career goals through the AHLA Apprenticeship program and Expansions. 

Meet Lucas Bourdon—Recreation Supervisor of Oak N Spruce Resort and member of the American Hotel and Lodging Association Apprenticeship.

The AHLA Apprenticeship is currently available to team members in our Resort Operations area and currently in a supervisory/management position. This eight-month leadership development program, in partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Association, exposes team members to a wide range of management-level curriculum including Financial Management, Rooms Management and Human Resources Management. Upon completing this program, team members will receive the world-renowned Certified Hospitality Supervisory designation.

When asked about the greatest benefit in being part of the AHLA Apprenticeship, this is what Lucas had to say:

“This program has had a lot of benefits such as increasing my knowledge in several key industry areas such as financial management, leadership, and human resources. However, I would say the greatest benefit I have acquired through this program would be the relationships I have built along the way. The coursework is thorough and in-depth, which at times requires one to reach outside of their immediate contacts within their department, or possibly even the resort. Being able to have a thorough discussion with individuals who work in various departments has really helped me to grasp the concepts I have covered thus far. On top of learning and retaining knowledge, by reaching out I have really felt the passion that each individual has for their position within the company and feel privileged that each person has taken the time to sit down with me and share their knowledge. An added bonus is that I have a peer onsite also going through the AHLA apprenticeship program with me, so we’ve been able to touch base with each other on concepts we found difficult, and have open discussions with both of our mentors.”

Interested in joining the next AHLA Apprenticeship class? Reach out to Alex Ganes for more information, and don’t forget to start the conversation of your development with your leader.

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